2004.10.02 BBS Set-up!
Worked out a good CGI to use for the BBS and got it set up. Looking forward to lots of discussions about Sensei and his Work!
2004.09.28 Many Updates!
Finally have gotten around to the many updates that were needed. Sensei has put out his first Full Color work using a computer. Check at the Doujin section, Sensei has come out with Seigi-No-Mikata (Defenders of Truth) . Also the full color "Cariosto Girl " and a joint work "08" are up.

Also finally have added a Gallery Section and will be adding pages as I get things scanned in.

Am still working on a CGI for a site BBS, but in the meantime have fixed a link to the "Pink Channel" BBS that talks about Horikawa Goro Sensei in Japanese.

Have also made two banners for linking to the site. They can be found with HTML in the F.A.Q.