What are "Doujin"?

"Doujin" which actually means "Same Person/People" is a form of private publication, mostly done for Manga (Comics) here in Japan. They are produced in small lots, usually just a thousand or so and sold at Comic Fairs that are held around Japan. Recently they have started to take off and be carried by normal Comic stores.

Is this the "official" site of
Horikawa Goro-sensei?

Although permission has been received from Horikawa Goro-sensei to produce this site, it is made by a fan of his.

Where can I buy his work?

Currently they are mostly available only in Japan, and even then only his books and most recent Doujin are available at major stores like Tora-no-Ana. On a person to person basis, the books and Doujin can be tracked down and sent. Please contact the web-Master.

Are they available in English?

I am currently working on producing English translations for the work and hope soon do have downloadable PDF versions.

Have anything of Horikawa-sensei's
that you don't see on the site?

He has done various drawings for magainze covers and specials. If you have something that is not here, please send a scanned image to the web-Master.

Any banners for linking to this site?

Yes, there is a small (100x40):

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or there is a large (468x60):

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